Dressage Show

Wentworth Hunt’s spring dressage show is one of the highlights of our pre-hunting season! Wentworth riders understand the need for a strong, obedient, supple and adjustable mount. The exercises that build a strong dressage partner also do well to build a fabulous hunt partner. We also love to see our fellow riders of all disciplines come out for a day of dressage at the start of the competitive and non-competitive riding season in New England!

2020 Dressage Show

Sadly, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak and the restriction on events at UNH, Wentworth Hunt canceled the 2020 Dressage Show. While we were very sad to make this decision, Wentworth Hunt feels that it is critical that we all play our part in limiting the spread of the coronavirus in New England as well as protecting our fellow riders, volunteers, and judges who would be at the show.

We look forward to seeing you out in the hunt field this fall, at our Fall Foliage Hunter Pace, or at our Dressage Show in 2021! Please check out our Calendar for our activities.

Why Foxhunters Need Dressage

Foxhunters build fitness through activities such as hill work, interval training, and stadium and cross country jumping. But we always come back to dressage exercises such for such benefits as suppleness, strength, and a solid understanding of the aids.

Dressage helps us balanced while cantering down hill:

(Photo courtesy of WWH Member Eric Schneider)

Dressage helps us square up and look beautiful for those ever present hunt photographers:

(Photo courtesy of WWH Member Eric Schneider)

And of course…

(Illustration by Rose Sandler)