Etiquette & Attire

Foxhunting is a sport grounded in tradition. The etiquette that the Wentworth Hunt follows is designed to maintain the traditions of the sport while making hunting as safe as possible for riders, staff, horses, hounds and guests. Please be sure to read the information below about foxhunting etiquette and appropriate attire before you come out to hunt. If you have questions, Wentworth Hunt’s staff and board members are happy to answer them, either on the days leading up to the hunt, or at the hunt.


Formal season (October- November) is the best reflection of foxhunting tradition when riders are turned out in their hunting finest.

attire-1The kit or turnout for Formal Season is a dark riding coat of black, navy, gray, or dark green, a black covered ASTM-approved safety helmet, tan or buff breeches and tall black dress boots. A canary or tattersall vest is optional and handy for extra warmth on those cold rides. A white stock tie and gold pin and either leather or white string gloves complete the formal costume. Your horse should be wearing a white, shaped saddle pad.

Informal season (Spring and August – September) relaxes the dress requirements to accommodate the late summer heat. Riders often shed their coats and ties for a white polo shirt or ratcatcher shirt, and tall brown field boots are traditional. Your horse should stay in his/her formal attire of a white, shaped saddle pad, unless he/she is wearing a saddle pad with the Wentworth Hunt logo.

During either the formal or informal season, if you are trying foxhunting for the first time and have questions about the tack and attire that would be most appropriate out of what you already own, please feel free to contact a board member to discuss options. We are happy to help and welcome new riders to the hunt!


Wentworth offers three ways to enjoy a foxhunt: First Field, Second Field, and Hilltop.

First Field keeps up with the hounds. They take every fence, and this is where the most experienced horses and riders hunt. Next is Second Field. Second field keeps First Field in sight and has the option of jumping or gapping fences. All riders should be confident in the walk, trot and canter as well as stop (always important!). Hilltop riders endeavor to keep Second Field in sight while enjoying a slower pace. Each Hilltop field is led with the capabilities of the current day’s horses and riders firmly in mind. There is no jumping in Hilltop.

Please read Wentworth’s Courtesies in the Field document for additional information.

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