All New England Hunts Joint Meet - Myopia Hunt

All New England Hunts Joint Meet - Myopia Hunt

November 9, 2024

All New England Hunts Joint Meet 2019

The All New England Hunts Joint Meet will be hosted by the Myopia Hunt Club!

This is a members only event. No cappers or guests please.

Click here to become a member of Wentworth Hunt. Please complete all forms and payment at least 24 hours before the hunt.

Unmounted walkers are very welcome, as are those who wish to bike or drive to the various locations from which one may watch the hunt. This is a specatular hunt to witness as it normally boasts almost 100 riders!

We respectfully ask our members to complete the following at least 24 hours before attending this hunt:

Formal hunt attire please.

Braids, please! We ask that you (or perhaps the Pony Clubber in your barn) braid your trusty mount for this hunt. You'll have plenty of time because...

The hounds move off promptly at 11:00 am. Please be mounted and ready for the pre-hunt meeting at 10:30. Check your email for location and other details!

Questions? Please contact our amazing secretary at:

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