Hound Shows

Hound shows bring foxhounds of all types and all strains to the flags for viewing, comparing, and judging. Whether a master or huntsman is seeking certain bloodlines, or an outcross to introduce hybrid vigor to the gene pool within her kennels, she seeks such hounds at a hound show. Hound shows also give masters and huntsmen the opportunity to socialize and chat about the merits and traits of the canine objects of their desires. While the best matings may continue to be made in Heaven, they are often arranged at a hound show!

2020 Hound Shows

Due to COVID-19 recommended safety precautions, the 2020 Virginia Hound Show and the 2020 New England Hunts Hound Show have both been canceled.

However, Wentworth Hunt entered two hounds in the International Virtual Hound Show. Entered in this virtual show was a diversity of hounds across the thirty rings drawn from seven countries including over 250 hunts. The results of the show are available by clicking here to access the International Virtual Hound Show’s website. You will need to create a user id and password, but all members of the public are welcome to do so.

2019 New England Hunts Hound Show

Hosted by Norfolk Hunt
May 5, 2019

Thanks to Norfolk for a beautiful show and wonderful food and hospitality. Very special thanks to Rachel Duffy, our Huntsman, and our dedicated hound staff both for today and for spending the winter prepping our hounds. The results speak for themselves!

2019 Best In Show and
American Champion Hound

Wentworth Archer!

Additionally, Wentworth was Second in the Pack Class and Second in the Horn Blowing Class.

Below are the individual results for Wentworth Hunt:

American Single Dog Unentered:

1st Agave
2nd Avocado

American Single Dog Entered:

1st Wentworth Archer

PennMaryDel Single Dog Entered:

3rd Wentworth Yesman

PennMaryDel Couple of Dogs Entered:

2nd Wentworth Yesman/Wentworth Yellowstone

Couple of Dogs:

1st Agave/Avocado

American Bitch Entered:

1st Wentworth Apple
2nd Wentworth Aiko
3rd Wentworth Vera

American Brood Bitch:

1st Wentworth Acorn
2nd Wentworth Vera

PennMaryDel Single Bitch:

2nd Dollop
3rd Daisy

Couple of Bitch:

1st Wentworth Aiko/Wentworth Apple
2nd Daisy/Dollop

American Championship:

Champion Archer
Reserve Acorn

Retired Foxhound:

2nd Wentworth Artichoke

2018 New England Hunts Hound Show

Wentworth had a fantastic day at the New England Hunts Foxhound Show!! Norfolk Hunt hosted and put on a great show. Thank you to all the volunteers and for the tireless Wentworth hound staff who came out to help our huntsman, Rachel Duffy!

IMG_2784 IMG_2797 IMG_2794

Final results for Wentworth Hunt are below. Congratulations to everyone on a wonderful day!

American Single Dog Entered

1st Archer

PennMaryDel Single Dog Entered

1st Yesman
2nd Yellowstone
3rd Yeti

PennMaryDel Couple of Dogs

1st Yesman and Yellowstone

American Single Bitch Entered

2nd Apple
3rd Aiko

American Couple of Bitches

1st Apple and Aiko

PennMaryDel Single Bitch Entered

2nd Vera

PennMaryDel Brood Bitch

1st Vera

Junior Showmanship

3rd Emily Crowell

Champion American

2nd Archer

Champion PennMaryDel

1st Yesman!!!!!


2nd Wentworth

Horn Blowing

2nd Rachel Duffy

2017 New England Hunts Hound Show

Sunday May 7, 2017

Thank you to Green Mountain Hounds for hosting another wonderful Hound Show. Thanks to Kami, Linda, Michelle, Jim Mertz, Rachel, Jackie, Diane, Daun, and Zachary for making the trip and all their work with the hounds and helping to represent Wentworth. Thanks also to Ann P. for the bathing help! The Wentworth hounds had a fantastic day at the show, with lots of first place, and a few second place, ribbons from Archer, Aslan, Aiko, Apple, Vandal, Vector, Violet, Vera, Yesman, Yellowstone, and Drillbit. Wentworth Yesman earned a Reserve Best in Show! Zachary Wolk and Drillbit won the Junior Under 9 division while his mom, huntsman Kami Wolk, was second in the horn blowing contest.

Final results for Wentworth Hunt are below.

American Single Dog Entered:

1st Wentworth Archer ’16
2nd Wentworth Aslan ’16

PMD Single Dog Unentered:

1st Vandal
2nd Vector

PMD Single Dog Entered:

1st Wentworth Yesman ’16
2nd Wentworth Yellowstone ’16

PMD Couple Unentered:

1st Vector and Vandal

PMD Couple:

1st Wentworth Yellowstone ’16 & Wentworth Yesman ’16

PMD Stallion Hound

1st Moore County Drillbit ’14

Couple American Bitch:

1st Wentworth Apple ’16 & Wentworth Aiko ’16

American Brood Bitch:

2nd Wentworth Vera ’13

PMD Bitch Unentered:

1st Violet

Champion PMD:

1st Wentworth Yesman ’16
2nd Vandal

Best in Show:

Wentworth Yesman ’16 Reserve Champion


4th Wentworth

Horn Blowing:

2nd Kami Wolk

Junior under 9:

1st Zachary Wolk & Wentworth Drillbit ’14