Fox Hunting (n): The union of man and animal in the wide open space between man and nature.

The Wentworth Hunt Club. Experience the flight of hounds, horses and riders unfolding as one.

Come see how we do it.

Get Ready!

Saturday, March 20: Spring Equinox! And that means…

No, no…. after that!

Fox Hunting is coming!!

(Photo of Wentworth Hunt Staff courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Welcome to Wentworth Hunt’s 2021 Season! Spring Roading is coming soon! We have FOUR (yes, your eyes are not deceiving you, FOUR) Hunter Paces this year (click here to learn more), then Fall Informal comes in August, Fall Formal in October, and WE CANNOT WAIT!!!

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Need More Information?

Want to learn more about hunting with us? Click on Hunt With Us.

Want to join us as a member? Check out the links on the right side of this page or click on the following links for our: 2021 Membership Form, 2021 Release Form, and 2021 Membership Dues.

Want to learn about our membership options? We have MANY options of all shapes and sizes! Click on Membership Options.

Want to Talk?

Are you curious and need more information? Not sure if you have the right clothes, the right tack, or the right horse? You’d be surprised! Wentworth Hunt is happy to discuss what you have and make exceptions (except in terms of safety! Certified helmets and hard soled shoes are always required!).

Feel free to contact one of our masters, Sue, Marilyn, or Linda with any questions or concerns. (That’s Linda in the picture below. Trust me, gentle readers, she’s delightful!). They will be happy to tell you all about hunting with wonderful Wentworth Hunt! Click on Contact Us for their contact information.

(Photo of Wentworth Hunt Master Linda Fernald courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Our wonderful Secretary can answer any questions you might have about membership, capping, payment, and all things hunting. Feel free to send her an email at:

Wentworth Hunt is proud to have a reputation as a very friendly and inviting hunt. Please join us and see why hunting is such an amazing sport! Tally ho!

2021 Hunter Paces

After a year of quarantine, home schooling and work from home, we know you could use some serious outdoor fun! Once again, gentle readers, Wentworth Hunt has the solution to your woes: our Hunter Pace series is BACK and lucky for you, we are offering FOUR paces this year!

  • June 6th: Branch Hill Farm, Milton Mills, NH
  • July 10th: Rest & Be Thankful Farm, Lyman, ME
  • August 7th: Fine Nest Farm, Raymond, NH
  • October 10th: Tuckaway Farm, Lee, NH

Registration is OPEN for our June Hunter Pace! Click here to register.

Hunter Paces are for EVERYONE! Go with your own group, go at your own pace, go over jumps, go around jumps, just GO! Don’t have a group? We’ll match you with like-minded riders. You will have the time of your life! Want more information? Click here. See you on June 6th!

(Photo courtesy of Salter Hill Images (aka UnTethered Images)