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Sat, May 21 Prep handlers and hounds for the NE Hound Show –
Too hot for Roading, come help with hounds at 10:00am!
Sun, May 22 New England Hound Show
Fri, May 27 Prep for VA Hound Show
Fri-Sun, May 27-29 Kennel Clean-Up
Sun, May 29 Virginia Hound Show
Thu, June 2 Prep for Bryn Mawr Hound Show
Sat, June 4 Bryn Mawr Hound Show
Sun, June 12 Spring Hunter Pace, Branch Hill Farm

Hound Shows 2022

Our wonderful hounds will be attending three hounds shows this spring and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please contact Rachel Duffy, our huntsman, or any of our masters, Sue Levy, Marilyn Mariano, or Linda Fernald if you are interested in:

Helping prep the hounds the day or two before each show. Come to the kennels before the show to help prep our wonderful hounds, including baths! Rachel and the hounds would love your help! Click here for more information.

Attending hounds shows. You are very welcome! Hound shows are fun! Here is your chance to celebrate hounds and huntsmen while also having the opportunity to talk hounds and hunting with fellow enthusiasts. Click here for more information.

Showing the hounds. Want to be handler? Rachel is happy to show you the ropes and provide you with a lovely hound to show! There are even special division for juniors: ages 3-10 and ages 11-16.

Having FUN! Virginia and Bryn Mawr shows both offer festivities the evening before their shows, and vendors during the show (hounds AND shopping? YES!). Spend time with your Wentworth Hunt friends! Make new friends! Have a great time!

Want more information on show prep, travel arrangements, carpool, lodging, etc., please contact Rachel Duffy, our huntsman, or any of our masters: Sue Levy, Marilyn Mariano, or Linda Fernald.

Want more information about hound shows? Click here.

Spring Roading Mid-May through Mid-June

We will be Roading most Wednesdays and Saturdays from mid-May through mid-June! Please check our Hunt Calendar for dates and locations and join us!

Spring Roading is a great time to get our hunt horses (and dare we say, our hunt riders) in shape both physically and mentally for hunting.

Roading is a perfect opportunity for new riders and new horses to come join us! Pace is walk/trot, dress is informal (click here for more information about informal attire), and capping (guest) fees are a very reasonable $20. Guests may join us without limit and for associate members, Spring Roading does not count towards your hunting limit. So come out and play with us!

Don’t forget to complete your release forms and payment at least 24 hours before the hunt. Links are on the right side of this page. Click here for information on becoming a member.

Guests: Please RSVP with our secretary at Secretary@WentworthHunt.org at least 24 hours before the hunt.

Members: Please bring a dish to share for our post-hunt tea (also known as hunt breakfast).

Tally Ho!

Spring Wardrobe Refresh

Speaking of spring… Now is a great time to check out WWH Logo Wear and stock up on important spring apparel such as Wentworth Hunt polo shirts. So classy for Roading, fall informal season, spring barbeques, drinks on the terrace, and limitless other warm day events! You’ll also find WWH hats, vests, hoodies, and rain jackets (because we hunt rain or shine!).

Need a stock tie? We recommend All Terrain Ties! These beautiful cotton stock ties are handmade by our wonderful huntsman, Rachel Duffy, in an amazing assortment of patterns perfect for informal attire! Also coming soon, white cotton ties for formal season. BONUS: A portion of the proceeds of each tie will go to support the Wentworth Hunt hounds!

2022 Hunter Pace Series

Our hunter pace dates are available and entries are OPEN! Add them to your 2022 calendars. Our hunter paces are designed for ALL levels of riders! The dates and locations for 2022 are:

Sunday, June 12th: Spring Pace at Branch Hill Farm
Click here to enter our Spring Pace

Saturday, August 6th: Conservation Pace at Fine Nest Farm
Click here to enter our Conservation Pace

Sunday, October 9th: Fall Foliage Pace at Tuckaway Farm
Click here to our Fall Foliage Pace

Hunter Paces are not hunts, but rides through glorious hunt territory for you up to five of your friends. Want to know more? Click here.