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Educational Resources
(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

If you are new to foxhunting or if you want to learn more about this wonderful sport, please review the following resources:

Questions or Concerns?
Click here for Wentworth Hunt contact information.
Our hunt staff and board members are happy to discuss foxhunting with you and answer any questions your may have about foxhunting with Wentworth Hunt.

Etiquette and Attire

Foxhunting Etiquette
Click here to learn more about Wentworth Hunt’s rules of etiquette.
Foxhunting etiquette is based on traditions that hark back hundreds of years to the very beginning of the sport. However, foxhunting etiquette has evolved through the years to meet the needs of the hunt and to preserve order and safety in the modern foxhunting field. We suggest that you review our rules of etiquette before joining us on the hunt field.

Foxhunting Attire
Click here to learn more about Wentworth Hunt’s formal and informal attire.
Foxhunting attire reflects the age-old traditions of our sport, a tradition that is firmly based upon practicality. The attire that the Wentworth Hunt follows is intended to keep riders comfortable and safe in all weather and conditions. Please review hunt attire before joining us (and before running to the tack store – you may already own what you need!).

Safety in the Field

Wentworth Hunt always endeavors to keep riders, horses, and hounds safe. Most of the foxhunting traditions we follow, including our rules for etiquette and attire, are founded on a desire to keep everyone safe. For example:

  • We ride single file behind a field master who knows where the footing is safe and the path clear of holes and other dangers;
  • Stock ties and pins are worn in case a horse, hound, or human is injured and needs a bandage while out in in the hunt field;
  • We do not speak while foxhunting to ensure the hounds focus on the Huntsman and Whips and do not stray away from the pack and into the hunt fields.

We always encourage riders to consider how they may best keep themselves, their horses, and others around them safe.

Please click here for our Educational Resources.
Our educational resources, including a webinar presented by our hunt provides much information on safety and what to expect during a foxhunt with Wentworth.

Click here to contact our secretary with any questions you have about tack.
While we love to see horses in traditional hunt bridles and snaffle bits, we want all riders to use the tack with which they feel safe and in control.

If you are not sure if your tack is acceptable, please contact us before running out to the tack store! We usually will make exceptions (including permitting conservative Western tack).

Safety Vests are Acceptable Attire
Emma elegantly wearing a Safety Vest in the Hunt Field
(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Safety Vests
Riders are very welcome to wear safety vests. You may wear your vest under or over your hunt coat. Please wear vests of a conservative color – black or a dark shade that matches your hunt coat.

Emergency Information
Click here to learn more about Team Ride Safe Bracelets.
In additional to providing emergency information in our release forms, we suggest that riders wear bracelets with emergency information, such as those offered by Team Ride Safe.

Rider Down!
Click here to read “Rider Down!”, an emergency guide.
Occasionally, riders are unceremoniously parted from their mounts during a hunt. Our parent organization, the MFHA, has provided an emergency guide for the hunt field that we recommend all riders review.

Whether you are the fallen rider or still mounted, PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS from your field master, any rider wearing red, or riders who have colors (gray collars on their hunt coat). Normally, two or three riders will be asked to remain with the unmounted rider, while all other riders are asked to carefully move on.

Click here for Wentworth Hunt contact information.
If you have any questions about safety, attire, etiquette, or joining us at a hunt, please feel free to contact our Secretary, our Joint Masters, or our Board Members.

Join Us!
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We hope to see you in the hunt field soon!

Tally Ho!

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