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Membership Types and Dues
(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

We respectfully ask that all members complete our release form, membership form, and pay their dues at least 24 hours before attending their first hunt. You may pay half your dues for spring roading. Please pay all dues before fall informal season.

2023 Membership Types and Dues

Full Membership: $580
Hunt every hunt. Horses may earn their Qualified Hunt Horse certificate by hunting at least 14 hunts in the calendar year.

Patron Membership: $700
Privileges of a Full Membership plus you may bring a guest to each hunt or roading with no capping fee. A single individual may join as your guest up to 3 times during 2023.

Associate Membership: $360
Eligible to hunt 12 times during Fall Informal and Formal seasons for the calendar year. Eligible to participate in Spring Roading outings without limit (i.e., Spring Roading does not count towards 12 hunt limit). Associate Membership can be upgraded to a Full Membership by paying the difference between the two.

Junior Membership: $180
For hunt members who are 25 years old and under. Hunt every hunt.

Family Membership: $980
Privileges of a Full Membership for 2 spouses and 1 junior (25 years old and under) living at home.

Patron Family Membership: $1100
Privileges of a Family Membership plus you may bring a guest to each hunt or roading with no capping fee. A single individual may join as your guest up to 3 times during 2023.

Social Membership: $50
For our friends that do not ride, but are interested in participating in other Hunt activities and being part of the club.

(Photo courtesy of WWH member Eric Schneider

Cappers are non-member guests of the hunt. You may cap up to 5 fall hunts per year. Fall hunt capping fees may be applied to membership dues (what a deal!). After capping 5 times, you are only $10 away from an Associate Membership!

Please know that capping as a guest of a patron member (whose membership pays for your capping), does not count towards your 5 cap limit.

You may cap all Spring Roading outings without limit. Capping Spring Roading outings will not count towards your capping limit and these fees are not applied towards membership dues.

2023 Capping Fees

  • $25 – Spring Roading (May-June)
  • $70 – Fall Informal and Formal Seasons (Aug – Nov)
  • $20 – Juniors (25 years old and younger) All Seasons

24-Hours Before Hunting…
We respectfully ask our guests to complete the following at least 24 hours before attending the hunt. Release forms need only be completed once a year.

MFHA Membership

Click here to become a member of the MFHA.
Please join consider joining our parent organization, the Masters of Foxhounds Association of North America. The MFHA is the governing body of organized mounted hunting with hounds in the United States and Canada. Individual membership is $50; Family membership is $100.

Click here to learn more about the MFHA.
We strongly encourage all of our members to join the MFHA and support their activities and goals which are:

  • To promote, preserve and protect the sport of mounted hunting with hounds.
  • Establish and maintain standards of conduct for mounted hunting with hounds.
  • Register eligible foxhounds in the “Foxhound Stud Book” and improve the breed of foxhounds.
  • Registration of hunts as a preliminary step toward recognition.
  • Record countries and boundaries for organized hunting establishments.
  • Recognition of organized hunts which have met MFHA standards.

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