New England Hunter Trials

Every year in the fall, one of the New England hunt clubs hosts a Hunter Trial for the purpose of creating competition for hunter type horses. These include horses and riders that hunt regularly with a registered or recognized New England Hunt as well as horses and riders not affiliated with a hunt.

The purpose of the Hunter Trial is to determine the best cross-country hunter or groups of hunters. The ideal is a hunter that is capable of negotiating all the natural obstacles in a hunting country and which gives a safe and enjoyable ride to the rider.

The hunter trial course consists of natural obstacles typically found in hunting country. The divisions have been established to allow riders of various levels of experience (and bravery!) to participate, whether they are actually hunting or not. With the exception of Teams and Pairs, the course is ridden individually. It is not a timed event and is judged on the horse’s performance only. Divisions include Novice 2’6″, Seniors/Open 3’6″, and Heard Cup/Open High 4’0″.

New England Hunter Trials 2021

The 2021 New England Hunts Hunter Trials was hosted by Norfolk Hunt at their Steeplechase Course in Medfield, MA, on Sunday, October 24. Riders enjoyed the wonderful weather, footing, and jumps! Our riders excelled at all course questions and brought home placings that make us very proud! Special congratulations to Tracie Sales and Ebony for keeping the Heard Cup firmly in Wentworth Hunt hands! We never doubted!!

Wentworth Hunt Placings

Heard Cup 4″
Tracie Sales and Ebony: 1st place
Sue Levy and Danny: 2nd Place

(Photo of TRACIE SALES and EBONY courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

High Point Award
Sue Levy

Senior Qualified 3’6″
Ginny Wiess: 2nd place
Maia Lindner-Liaw: 3rd place

(Photo of Ginny Wiess courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Novice Qualified 2’9″
Ike Williams: 1st place juniors, 3rd overall
George Barker: 4th place
Merritt Carey: 6th place

Pairs 2’6″
Merrie Hurwich & Isabel Gilbert: 1st place
Tracie Sales & Erin Whitmore: 4th place
Merritt Carey & Asa Woodman: 5th place

Pairs 3’6″
Sue Levy & George Barker: 1st place (tied)
Lauren Dallaire & Maia Lindner-Liaw: 3rd place

(Photo of Lauren Dallaire & Maia Lindner-Liaw courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

New England Hunter Trials 2020

We are very sad to state that the 2020 New England Hunter Trials were canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

New England Hunter Trials 2019

Wentworth Hunt riders rode well and had a wonderful time at the 2019 New England Hunter Trials on Sunday, October 20th at Bradley Palmer State Park.

Many congratulations to Wentworth Master Sue Levy for bringing home the Heard Cup!

(Photo courtesy of Shawn Tinkham Photography)

We are so proud of all of our riders including Anna Jenoski and Tracie Sales on the chrome chestnuts winning the Pairs division with Sarah Jacobson and Lise Russell in sixth, Wentworth Hunt masters team of Daun DeFrance, Sue Levy, and Marilyn Mariano winning the Teams division, Tracie Sales with an impressive fifth in the Qualified 3’6″ division, and Anna with a second place, Marilyn with third, and Liza Hart with sixth in a very competitive Qualified Novice division.

Special shout out to Sarah’s delightful Albert who graciously agreed to stand in for Nasa. Your humble jump judge at fence 11 happened to overhear the event photographer exclaim about that trusty steed: “Wow! Now he’s something special!”

Photo courtesy of Shawn Tinkham Photography

Here are the results:

Congratulations to all, and many thanks to our faithful volunteers without whom equestrian events could not happen. Thank you!