Hunt Ball and Silent Auction

Every year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Wentworth Hunt members and guests change out of their stock ties and hunt coats and into their ball gowns and tuxedos for a night of dinner, dancing and revelry! Our annual hunt ball gives members a chance to socialize, exchange fun and often very funny hunting (and just sometimes, non-hunting) stories, and bid for items in the silent auction whose proceeds go to our hunt and hounds.

Awards are given, along with colors and buttons, and many thank-yous spoken to our wonderful masters, staff, and volunteers. Click here to learn more about Wentworh Hunt trophies, awards, buttons, colors, and member anniversary recognition.

Our Hunt Ball is a cherished event that brings us together as a community and reminds us of the joy of this wonderful sport and the camaraderie and friendships it brings!

It’s All About the Hounds

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

You’ve heard it before: No hounds, no hunt. While we all LOVE our hunt horses, it’s the hounds not the horses that make this such a spectacular sport. To keep our hounds happy, healthy, and well set in kibble, each year Wentworth Hunt hosts a Silent Auction at the Hunt Ball. 100% of our Silent Auction proceeds go to support our hunt and our beloved hounds.

Thank you members and supporters of Wentworth Hunt for your bids and contributions over the years!

As an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, we could not continue without all of you! From the bottom of our human, canine, and equine hearts, we thank you!

2023 Hunt Ball

Our 2023 Hunt Ball and Silent Auction will be held on Saturday, November 18, location coming soon! Please join us in celebrating our 2023 hunt year! As always, there will be dinner, dancing, our silent auction, and the presentation of awards and trophies. Our Hunt Ball is always an event not to be missed!

Click here for more information about or 2023 Hunt Ball and Silent Auction.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Wentworh Hunt Trophies, Awards, Buttons, and Colors

Each year, the Wentworth Hunt Masters and our Huntsman present awards and trophies to acknowledge the efforts, accomplishments, and contributions of our members, volunteers, and staff. The awards presented at our Hunt Ball include anniversaries, lapel pins, colors, buttons, and trophies. Please see below for the descriptions of our awards and trophies.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Colors are awarded to members who have ridden with Wentworth Hunt for several years, actively participate in hunt activities, and generously volunteer their time to the club. Colors give the bearers the right to ride toward the front of the field and assign them the responsibility to help and problem solve when needed.

Buttons are conferred upon members who have previously earned their colors, and continue to help whenever needed by volunteering, participating in club events, and displaying exemplary leadership qualities.

Anniversaries and the awarding of lapel pins are celebrated for those members who have been riding with Wentworth Hunt for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, and more!

Trophies support the deep tradition of honoring members, horses, and hounds who personify the spirit of the hunt.

The Master’s Trophy (In honor of Joey Amirian): Awarded to an outstanding Hunt Horse. Excels in the Hunt Field and potentially other equine disciplines, proudly representing Wentworth Hunt.

The Brindle Memorial Trophy: Awarded to an outstanding Hunt Horse. A versatile and fun horse that everyone would love to ride in the Hunt Field.

The Hound Trophy: Awarded to the Hound of the Year, in honor of the Dundee Terriers. This trophy is held for the year by someone who is recognized for their work and attention to the Hounds.

The Silver Helmet Trophy: Awarded to that Member who represents Wentworth well, the person who is always impeccably turned out and an ambassador for the Wentworth Hunt.

Pony Hunter Trophy: Awarded to the outstanding Hunt Pony that best demonstrates the attributes desired in a Fox Hunter: surefooted, confident, and brave. Has a level head, possesses stamina, has the ability to jump over a variety of obstacles and to handle a range of terrain.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Future of Foxhunting Trophy: Awarded to a special Junior Member (under 26 years old) who represents the Future of Foxhunting. This Junior Member takes an active interest in all that is Fox Hunting, rides well, and learns and practices correct etiquette in the Hunt Field.

Volunteer of the Year Award: Awarded to the person who goes above and beyond with volunteering for the Hunt. Whether it is for administrative tasks, caring for Hounds, running events, territory work, etc. – all types of volunteering are considered.

The Ed Fritz Award: This award is in Honor of Ed Fritz. The winner of this award is voted on by members, who vote for the member with whom they would most enjoy riding, sharing a flask, and simply having fun in the Hunt Field.

MVP Fox Hunter Award: This award is in Honor of Brenda Feely, and goes to that person who is always there, helping out. Often behind the scenes, this is the person we can count on to be there to help in small and big ways.

Silver Fox Award: This award is presented to a distinguished, seasoned Fox Hunter. This person knows the ropes and serves as a role model and inspiration to those newer to Fox Hunting.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Involuntary Dismount Award: Awarded to the Fox Hunter who best demonstrated the centuries-old tradition of dismounting dramatically and unexpectedly during a foxhunt, without injury.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Huntsman’s Trophy: This trophy is awarded by the Huntsman, to the Member who showed great interest in the Hounds.

Thoroughbred Trophy: The Kourtezan Plate is awarded to the Outstanding Thoroughbred Hunter, in honor of Diane Kane’s Gal (Kourtezan).

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

MFHA Fairly Hunted Awards: Acknowledges riders 18 and under who participate in foxhunting. The award is presented to a young rider who hunts five times during that season and is recognized by a Master. The MFHA board of directors presents participants with a pin, certificate, a one-year subscription to Covertside, the official publication of the MFHA, and their names are included in an honor roll at the MFHA annual meeting.