Hunter Paces

Click here for results from our Fall Foliage Hunter Pace on October 10th.

Wentworth Hunt’s hunter paces are a great opportunity to ride our beautiful hunt territories with your own group, at your own pace. All hunter pace locations provide riders with up to ten miles of beautiful wooded trails and fields, with plenty of natural huntsy jumps off to the side of the main trail for those who wish to jump.

Participants ride out in staggered pairs or teams of up to six riders. The courses include a five minute stop in the middle for “Stirrup Cup” with drinks provided. Refreshments are available throughout the event.

Riders choose competitive hilltop or field, or non-competitive divisions. Six ribbons are awarded in competitive divisions with placings based on ride times that are closest to optimal hunt time. Ride in the competitive division in all of our paces and be eligible for series end awards!

In 2021, Wentworth Hunt offered FOUR hunter paces:

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Fall Foliage Hunter Pace

The Fall Foliage Hunter Pace, our final hunter pace in our series, was a great success! The weather was fall perfect, the footing spectacular, the course a nice mix of woods and fields, and the riders happy with it all!

Are you sad the hunter paces for 2021 have come to an end? Why not join us for hunting! We promise you will have as much fun, if not more, hunting. PLUS… there are hounds! And who doesn’t love watching hounds?!? Click here for more information about joining us as a guest or member!

Fall Foliage Hunter Pace Results!
The results for our Fall Foliage Hunter Pace Field and Hilltop divisions are below (click on the image for a larger view!). Congratulations to all riders!

Click on image for a larger view!

Click on image for a larger view!

And from what you can see, all riders were winners at our fall pace!

Spring Hunter Pace: Results!

SMILE EVERYONE! The results are in!

Our Field Division:

Our Hilltop Division:

Congratulations to all riders! It truly was a spectacular day and a fabulous ride!

Summer Hunter Pace: Results!

Thank you to all riders who joined us for our Summer Hunter Pace at Branch Hill Farm. From all the smiles, it was clear that everyone had a glorious time riding, jumping, and spending a beautiful summer day with friends! Result from the pace are below!

Our Hilltop Division:

Click on image for a larger view!

Our Field Division:

Click on image for a larger view!

Conservation Hunter Pace: Results are In!

What an amazing location and wonderful weather for our third hunter pace in our series. Congratulations to all riders and to our field and hilltop winners! Results are below.

Placings for Our Conservation Hunter Pace:

Click on image for a larger view!

One more pace left: our Fall Foliage Hunter Pace on October 10 at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, NH. Registration is open! Click here for more information and to register!