Hunter Paces and Poker Ride

Spring Hunter Pace, Saturday, June 8 →

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Closing date: Wednesday, June 5 at midnight

Poker Ride, Saturday, July 20 →

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Conservation Hunter Pace, Saturday, August 10 →

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Fall Foliage Hunter Pace, Sunday, October 13 →

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Hunter Pace Details

Wentworth Hunt is offering 3 hunter paces and one poker ride this year!

  • Click here to learn about our Spring Pace, Saturday, June 8 at Branch Hill Farm. Click here to enter our Spring Pace.
  • Click here to learn about our Poker Ride, Saturday, July 20 at Cloverridge Farm. Click here to enter our Poker Ride.
  • Click here to learn about our Conservation Pace, Saturday, August 10 at Fine Nest Farm. Click here to enter our Conservation Pace.
  • Click here to learn about our Fall Foliage Pace, Sunday, October 13 at Tuckaway Farm. Click here to enter our Fall Foliage Pace.

Registration is now open for all of our paces and our poker ride! Click on the links above to enter our paces and our poker ride.

Wentworth Hunt’s hunter paces and poker ride are a great opportunity to ride our beautiful hunt territories with your own group at your own pace. All locations provide riders with miles and miles of beautiful wooded trails and fields with plenty of natural hunt-sy jumps off to the side of the main trail for those who wish to jump.

Participants ride out in teams of up to six riders. Don’t have a team? Contact our wonderful Secretary at and she will help find a team for you.

For our hunter paces, riders choose competitive competitive field (faster pace), hilltop (slower pace), or non-competitive divisions (any pace!). For our poker ride, you may choose any pace – the competition is in the hand you are dealt for poker game!

Ride out times for all is 8:00am to 12:00pm. Request a ride out time when you enter. Final ride out times will be emailed to registered participants and posted here on our website a few days before the pace.

All hunter pace courses include a five minute stop in the middle for Stirrup Cup with water (for humans) provided. Our paces and our poker ride include refreshments in the trailer parking area.

Contact our secretary at:
Our secretary has all the answers to your hunter pace and poker ride questions!

Prizes and Series Awards

You read that right! Ribbons are awarded for our hunter paces in the competitive field and hilltop divisions for the top 6 teams based on ride times that are closest to optimal hunt time. Top 3 teams get swag! We hope to be able to score the event and distribute prizes at the conclusion of the pace, but don’t worry if you have to get home to do whatever it is you do when not riding. We’ll get the prizes to you and your team!

We also have series end awards! Ride in the competitive division in all of our paces and be eligible for fabulous series end awards.

And what about the “Poker Ride”, you ask? Well, listen closely, gentle reader, and I’ll tell you all about it. During this untimed ride, your team will¬†pick up five playing cards along the ride. At the end of the ride, your team presents your hand to the Casino Master. The best poker hands will win capping gift certificates with Wentworth¬†Hunt for the 2024 Season and fun prizes.

Paperwork and Safety

Release Form
Click here for our online release form. All participants need to complete our release form before riding in a pace or the poker ride (if you have already done this in 2024, you are all set).

Negative Coggins
All horses need to bring proof of negative Coggins to the pace or poker ride. Their owners can help them with this, as most horses are notoriously bad with paperwork.

Of course, all riders are required to wear certified helmets and hard-soled shoes with heels. Safety first, people!

Spring Hunter Pace

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Our Spring Hunter Paces will be held on Saturday, June 8, at Branch Hill Farm in Milton Mills, NH. Registration is now open! Closing date is Wednesday, June 5 at midnight.

Branch Hill Farm, one of our hunt territories, is a wonderful location that includes a mix of woods and fields with very good footing throughout. All jumps on course are inviting natural, hunt-type jumps with a maximum height of 3′, all gappable.
Click here to learn more about Branch Hill Farm.

2023 Spring Pace Riders
Spring Pace Volunteers Emma and Michael BEING AWESOME!!!

Summer Poker Ride

Click here to enter our Poker Ride
Our Poker Ride will be held on Saturday, July 20, at Cloverridge Farm in Peterborough, NH. Registration is now open!

The Poker Ride is a great way to see your hunt friends, and make new friends, between our roading and fall informal seasons. This ride is non-competitive but includes a poker game in which each group of riders picks up playing cards along the course to build a poker hand to be “played” at the end of the ride.

Cloverridge Farm is owned by Wentworth Hunt member Sally Eneguess and her husband Sandy. This is a beautiful farm with woods and fields for fine riding, plus plenty of jumps for those so included. This is private land which means that riding here is a super-special treat! You won’t want to miss this ride!

2023 Poker Ride Gamblers
Diane Kane showing a very nice hand at the 2023 Poker Ride

Conservation Hunter Pace

Click here to enter our Conservation Pace
Our second hunter pace in our series is our Conservation Hunter Pace, Saturday, August 10, at wonderful Fine Nest Farm in Raymond, NH. Registration is now open!

Why is this called our “Conservation Hunter Pace”? Hunt members Cody Cramer and Dana Zulager have developed a territory that has interconnected trails through wooded areas that cover conservancy land along the Pawtuckaway River, known locally as the Stingy River. One loop runs through land protected by the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire, and we enjoy riding around several hay fields at the neighboring Sullos Farm. Over 150 acres of Fine Nest Farm is in conservation with the Bear-Paw Regional Greenways. This is a very special territory and a treat for all riders.
Click here to learn more about Fine Nest Farm.

2023 Conservation Pace Riders
2023 Conservation Pace Riders HAVING A GREAT TIME!!
(and winning our Best Dressed contest, which we don’t actually have but really should because these ladies look amazing!)

Fall Foliage Hunter Pace
Matching outfits and matching horses are optional. Managing to get all horses to pose perfectly is a bonus.

Click here to enter our Fall Foliage Pace
The Fall Foliage Hunter Pace, our final hunter pace in our series, will be held on Sunday, October 13, at Tuckaway Farm and Powder Major’s Farm in Lee, NH. The date is traditionally the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend when the foliage is always spectactular. Registration is now open!

Click here to learn more about Tuckaway Farm and Powder Major’s Farm.
Tuckaway Farm and Powder Major’s Farm together create an incredibly beautiful territory offering a course alongside babbling brooks and working farms, through wooded trails, and across large open riding fields. This course offers wonderful views of fall foliage throughout. The footing is always great, the jumps are plentiful and of all heights (and gappable, of course), and the fall weather always provides horses and humans with the best riding conditions.

2023 Fall Foliage Riders enjoying sunshine, fall foliage, and historic sites!

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