Hunter Paces

Wentworth Hunt hosts up to three hunter paces each year: Spring, Summer, and Fall, each held at a different territory. Hunter paces are a great way to ride Wentworth Hunt’s beautiful territories at your own pace. All hunter pace locations provide riders with up to ten miles of beautiful wooded trails and fields, with plenty of natural huntsy jumps off to the side of the main trail.

Participants ride out in staggered pairs or teams of up to six riders. The course includes a five minute stop in the middle for “Stirrup Cup” with drinks provided. Refreshments are available throughout the event including a light lunch starting around 12:30pm.

Riders choose competitive hilltop or field, or non-competitive divisions. Six ribbons are awarded in competitive divisions with placings based on ride times that are closest to optimal hunt time. Ride in the competitive division in all of our paces and be eligible for series end awards!

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Fall Foliage Hunter Pace Results

Thank you to all who joined us for our Fall Foliage Hunter Pace. It was a beautiful day and all participants had a glorious ride!

A special thank you to our wonderful volunteers! We could not have done this without you!

Here are the results:

Field Divisions:
1st Lindsay Anderson & Lorin White
2nd Lisa Tylus & Jenna Poel
3rd Rylee Pellegrino & Kate Funari
4th Ruth Lawler & Kelli Hughes
5th Kristen & Jennifer Svendsen
6th (tie) Ashleigh Rolfson & Sonja Pomerleau
6th (tie) Ellen Madigan, Yuki Igari & Anna Jenoski

Hilltop Division:
1st Linda Saba & Tara Diburro
2nd Ashly Snell, Katelyn Connors & Meghan Young
3rd Abby Beaulieu, Julieanne Demers, Rachel Boggiatto, Kelly LaCourse & Megan Dalphond
4th Calleigh Robinson, Merrie Hurwitch, Isabelle Gilbert, Emily Lavoie, Susan & Leila Hanna
5th Addie Kinnaly, Santina Dresser & Gabriela Todaro
6th Melissa Parry, MAddy Pelletier, Maeve Hopkinson, Julia Max & Bridget Moses

CONGRATULATIONS to all!!! Ribbons for 1st-6th place, and prizes for 1st-3rd will be mailed to the primary teammate listed. Click here for the full Field placings and click here for the full Hilltop placings.

Conservation Hunter Pace: Results!

As shown by the many smiling faces of riders and happy ears of horses, our Conservation Hunter Pace at Fine Nest Farm on Saturday, August 8, was a hit! Participants had a blast riding through the beautiful woody trails, jumping the many fun jumps that abound on the course, and some even enjoyed a rousing gallop through the fields. Did you miss this pace? Please join us for our final pace of the series on Sunday, October 11, at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, NH. It’s a Fall pace, so we guarantee (yes, GUARANTEE!) no bugs, gorgeous foliage, and a beautiful course. More details will be available here on our website.

But now, the results of the hunter pace!

First Field Division:
1st Michele Newton, Allison Barry, Alicia Barry
2nd Ashleigh Rolfson, Abi Hekkila
3rd Lorin White, Lindsay Anderson
4th Erin Fitzgerald, Cheryl Kodzis, Kate McNeilly
5th Carolyn Knox, Brooke Austin, Kate Austin, Hannah Normand
6th Linda Kipperman, Susan Smith

Hilltop Division:
1st Sue Levy, George Barker
2nd Clara Mugnai, Kristen Mugnai
3rd Dianne Rizzo, Laura Hastings
4th Cinnamon Nevers, Grace Harrington, Bethany Fraser
5th Katie Walsh, Christine Rivet
6th Ashly Snell, Kate Delaney Connors, Meghan Young

CONGRATULATIONS to all!!! Ribbons for 1st-6th place, and prizes for 1st-3rd will be mailed to the primary teammate listed. Click here for the full score sheet.

Do you want some pictures from the pace? Wonderful Darcy Lowe took many pictures of horses and riders. Find them on our Facebook page. Here are a few smiling faces and happy ears (and some awesome matchy-matchy outfits!) that Darcy captured that day.

Spring Hunter Pace: Recap!

(Photo courtesy of lovely Stacy Snell!)

Our Spring Hunter Pace at Branch Hill Farm was a smashing success! Perfect weather, happy riders and horses, and a course that everyone enjoyed! Did you miss this event? We have more coming soon! Sign up for our mailing list on the right side of this page to keep abreast of these and other fun activities, and of course our hunting schedule.

Do you want some of the professional pictures from Salter Hill Images? Click here to view their Facebook page.

Line up riders, here are your placings:

First Field Division:
1st Linda Kipperman & Susan Smith
2nd Jessica Dion & Sara Greenlay
3rd Tanya Poepsel & Amber Viera
4th Tracie Sales, Judy Beaumont, Kristen & Jennifer Svendsen
5th Lisa Tylus & Beth O’Malley
6th Elli Pope, Silja Pope, Pamela Daskoski

Hilltop Division:
1st Dawn Dascomb, Jenna & Jillian Bunce, Lydia Foster, Willie Hopkins & Arayah Walker
2nd Lucy Davies, John Roth, Allie Ferland, Stephanie Patron & Emma Desmarais
3rd Sue Levy, George Barker & Andrea Caruso
4th Laura Hastings, Dianne Rizzo & Leslie Scholtz
5th Sarah Silveria & Sherry Akers
6th Bella & Becky Iaria

CONGRATULATIONS to all!!! Ribbons for 1st-6th place, and prizes for 1st-3rd will be mailed to the primary teammate listed. Click here for the full score sheet.

Whether you placed or not, raise your hand if you had fun:

(This and photos below courtesy of lovely Stacy Snell!)

Show us your “I’m having the time of my life” smiles please!

And someone needs to jump for joy (while smiling, of course)!