Hunter Paces

Wentworth Hunt’s hunter paces are a great opportunity to ride our beautiful hunt territories with your own group, at your own pace. All hunter pace locations provide riders with up to ten miles of beautiful wooded trails and fields, with plenty of natural huntsy jumps off to the side of the main trail for those who wish to jump.

Participants ride out in staggered pairs or teams of up to six riders. The courses include a five minute stop in the middle for “Stirrup Cup” with drinks provided. Refreshments are available throughout the event.

Riders choose competitive hilltop or field, or non-competitive divisions. Six ribbons are awarded in competitive divisions with placings based on ride times that are closest to optimal hunt time. Ride in the competitive division in all of our paces and be eligible for series end awards!

In 2021, Wentworth Hunt is offering FOUR hunter paces, each at a different but equally amazing hunt territory:

  • June 6th: Branch Hill Farm, Milton Mills, NH
  • July 10th: Rest & Be Thankful Farm, Lyman, ME
  • August 7th: Fine Nest Farm, Raymond, NH
  • October 10th: Tuckaway Farm, Lee, NH

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Spring Hunter Pace: June 6th

First up in our hunter pace series: wonderful Branch Hill Farm in Milton Mills, NH on June 6th. Click here for the details!

Registration is OPEN – Click Here!

Branch Hill Farm, one of Wentworth’s hunt territories, is a wonderful location that includes a mix of woods and fields with very good footing throughout. All jumps on course are inviting natural, hunt-type jumps with a maximum height of 3′. All jumps are optional and gapable. The course includes a five minute stop in the middle for “Stirrup Cup” with drinks provided.

Participants ride out in pairs or teams of up to 6 people. No Team? No problem! We’d be happy to match you up! Teams choose either a competitive division: “Field” (faster pace) or “Hilltop” (slower pace), or the non-competitive/trail-ride division. Six ribbons will be awarded for each competitive division with placings based on ride times that are closest to optimal hunt time.

Spring Hunter Pace Details
Sunday, June 6th
Ride out times: 8:00am – 12:30am.
Teams will be asked to select their preferences for ride-out times.

Branch Hill Farm
307 Applebee Road
Milton Mills, NH 03852

Field: $60
Hilltop: $60
Non-competitive/trail-ride: $60
Youth/Juniors (under 21, any division): $35

To Enter
  1. Click here to complete our 2021 online release form (one form per rider, please).
  2. Click here to complete individual or group registration and payment. All participants must pay in advance. (In the event that the hunter pace is sadly canceled, particpants will receive full refunds, minus credit card fees.)
  3. Have current coggins with you the day of the event for all participating horses.
  4. All riders are required to wear certified helmets and hard-soled shoes with heels.

We will confirm your entry and email ride-out start times to your team.

We hope to be able to score the event and teams can pick up their prizes at the conclusion of the event.

Please direct any questions or requests to our secretary at

We look forward to seeing you there!