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The Wentworth Hunt is one of ten recognized hunts in New England, starting its first hunt in 1976.

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Foxhunting takes place primarily during the fall months after the field crops have been harvested. In the spring, we host spring roading to train our young hounds and start getting the experienced members of our hound pack in shape for the fall season. Members and guests are invited to our hunts and spring roading.

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Our hunt is active throughout the year whether we are actively foxhunting or not. Our hounds are always in training. We have hound walks open to members and guests on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays when we are not foxhunting. We also offer fun activities and social events, such as hunter paces, clinics, and the hunt ball. Volunteers members and supporters direct these events and make them successful.

(Photo courtesy of Eric Schneider)

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Foxhunting is a family sport and we welcome all to take part, either in the saddle, as a foot follower, or by car. On a brisk fall day nothing is better than listening to the hounds give voice on the line of a scent and enjoying the fellowship of the chase.

We are a Drag Hunt
Foxes: Mike, Calleigh, and Fred

Wentworth Hunt is a drag hunt. This means that people on horseback or on foot lay a scent for our hounds to follow. Being a drag hunt means Wentworth Hunt can define a course through the day’s territory that respects landowners’ fields, farms, and boundaries.

Having control over the hunt course also allows us to choose routes that guarantee the best footing, jumps, and vantage points to watch our hounds at work. The result is that every outing with Wentworth Hunt is wonderful combination of safety and fun!

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

We are a Volunteer Hunt

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Wentworth Hunt is an ALL Volunteer hunt. Members are expected to get involved with hunt activities and volunteer to help with hunt related activities such as fund raisers, hunter paces, territory preparation, and hound walking. There are many different ways in which to get involved. It is truly a very rewarding part of being a hunt member, and helps you to get the most out of your membership.

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