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Blessing of the Hounds – October 1st

Wentworth Hunt Club’s formal hunting season season begins with the blessing of the hounds on Saturday, October 1st. Come join us at Yorkfield Farm for the ceremony and pageantry of fox hunting. We will start at 10:00 AM, but come a little early and join us for a drink and socializing. Formal hunting attire required. Please braid your horses.

NEW! 2016 Fall Hunting Fixture Card - Printable schedule of all Fall Hunts and other events, including Formal Season hunts.

Fall Foliage Hunter Pace and Poker Run – October 9th

Tuckaway Farm and Powder Major Farm, Lee, NH
Sunday, October 9th
Ride out between 9:00 AM and 11:30 AM

Hunter Pace / Poker run flyer

Wentworth Hunt Fall Foliage Hunter Pace 2016 Entry Form
Tuckaway Release 2016 – required for each rider

The last Wentworth hunter pace of 2016 will be at Tuckaway Farm and Powder Major Farm. Tuckaway Farm in Lee is an active organic farm and the home of our foxhounds. Powder Major Farm in Madbury is in the process of seeking establishment of a conservation easement for all types of recreational activities, including horseback riding, and has been inviting the hunt to ride through for many years.

Preserve Powder Major Farm for Riding

IMG_2182As members of the hunt, we are incredibly lucky to be able to ride on thousands of acres of private land inaccessible to the general public. One of the properties we have ridden on for many years is Powder Major Farm, owned by the Goss family. This is the land we ride on when we cross the river from Tuckaway Farm, the farm where we typically have our Stirrup Cup. The Goss family is selling most of their land, and they are willing to sell it to the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF) as conservation land, open to the public for hiking and riding. And for foxhunting. SPNHF is raising money to purchase the property, and they are seeking the help of equestrians in New Hampshire’s seacoast area to raise awareness and funds for the unique opportunity that conserving this land will provide.

To learn more about the effort to save this land for foxhunting and other low impact recreational uses, check out the article below or the information on the SPNHF website at www.forestsociety.org.

Powder Major Farm Article
Powder Major Farm Flyer (summary)

The full schedule of hunts and other events is available on the calendar page.


Recent Events & News

Children’s / Junior’s Hunt

Saturday, September 10th at Greenacres Stables  10 a.m.Childrens Hunt 2016

Our annual Children’s Hunt was a huge success! Very special thanks to our members and staff who helped provide great sport to a field of 50 riders and 21 juniors. There were many impressive riders and first time horses out. Everyone had a great time and hopefully we introduced our lovely hounds to the next generation of foxhunters!

Photo credit to Jessica Freedman, one of our many foot followers! Thank you so much!

4th Annual ‘Learn to Hunt’ Clinic

August 20, 2016
Noon – 1:00 pmHunt clinic Aug 2016

Learn to Hunt Clinic 2016 Info

The Fourth Annual Hunt clinic was hosted by the Wentworth Hunt Masters and Huntsman at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, the site of our kennels. Members and guests learned about the traditions of hunting, the history of the Wentworth Hunt Club, appropriate attire for cubbing and formal season (did you know the sharp end of your stock tie pin should point away from your heart?), safe tack, etiquette while hunting, and the Wentworth foxhounds. Come join us when we do it again next year and earn a free capping certificate!

Conservation Hunter Pace – August 14th

Team1Photo3Wentworth Hunt held our annual Conservation Hunter Pace at Fine Nest Farm (Raymond NH) on Sunday August 14, 2016. We earmark proceeds from this event to help support Bear-Paw Regional Greenways, Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire, and Moose Mountains Regional Greenways, organizations on whose lands we hunt. The Fine Nest Farm territory incorporates lots of winding trails in the woods as well as dirt roads and agricultural fields. Among the obstacles encountered – baby pigs. Most of the jumps were natural logs.

Sunday was hot and muggy, but the horses and riders found that the woods were cooler and virtually bug-free! Stirrup cup was situated between the fields and gave the riders a chance for a breather before continuing on. Although they came back hot and sweaty, everyone said they had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful territory. Most sat in the shade enjoying a sumptuous lunch after tending to their horses.

Field division winners were Hunt member Linda Fernald and her friend Andi Puls. Hilltop winners were the mother-daughter team of Karen and Morgan Amiot. Congratulations to everyone and thanks for participating!

2016 Conservation Hunter Pace RESULTS

NEW! 2016 Conservation Hunter Pace PHOTOS

Spring Cub Hunting Ends on a High NoteKami BayViewFarm 20160615

The spring cubbing season was extended through Wednesday, June 15th thanks to the generosity of hunt member Deb Beck. We hunted her property, Bayview Farm in Greenland, NH, for the first time.

Thank you, Deb, for inviting us out for a great day of hunting. The hounds enjoyed a cooling swim in Great Bay on this hot summer day!

2016 Wentworth Hunt Dressage Show – Sunday, May 15th

Congratulations to all of our dressage show competitors for braving a windy, blustery day at UNH. Well done, everyone!

2016 Dressage Show Final Scores

NEW! PHOTOS by Suddenly Still Photography have been posted.

2016 Dressage Show Photos