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Spring Hunting is Around the Corner

Check the calendar for a list of spring hunts and events. Come on out, enjoy the spring season, and start working on earning your 2018 hunt horse certificate! If you have questions about the hunt, contact Masters Daun Defrance, Sue Levy or Marilyn Mariano, or Secretary Ellen Madigan. We will be hunting most Wednesdays and Saturdays mid May through mid June, with the fall season beginning mid-August. Hunts ride out at 10:00 AM. The schedule is always contingent on weather and other factors, so please consult the Calendar & Fixture Card for more details. Any last minute changes or cancellations will be posted at the top of the home page.

For riders new to the Wentworth Hunt, please consult the Etiquette & Attire information, especially the “Courtesies in the Field” document that can be found on that page. You may “cap” (hunt as a guest) up to three times per year. After three hunts, we ask that you join as a member, with capping fees paid for the year credited to your membership. E-mail the Secretary, Masters or any other board member if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming new hunters!

Capping Fees:

$30 Spring Season (May-June)
$45 Fall Informal Season (August – September)
$50 Formal Season (October – November)
$15 Juniors (25 years old and younger)

Membership Types

Full Membership: $500 (+ $35 optional MFHA membership)
Hunt every hunt. Eligible for year-end awards. Earn Colors and Buttons. Horses may earn their Qualified Hunt Horse certificate by hunting at least 14 hunts in the calendar year.

Patron Membership: $625 (+ $35 optional MFHA membership)
Privileges of a Full Membership plus you may bring a guest to each hunt. An individual guest can only hunt 3 times before they are requested to join.

Associate Membership: $300 (+ $35 optional MFHA membership)
Eligible to hunt 12 times in the calendar year (Spring Informal, Fall Informal, or Fall Formal Season). Not eligible for Colors, Buttons, or Hunt Horse certificate. Associate Membership can be upgraded to a Full Membership for an additional $200.

Family Membership: $900 (+ $70-$105 optional MFHA membership)
Privileges of a Full Membership for 2 spouses and 1 junior living at home.

Patron Family Membership: $1,025 (+ $70-$105 optional MFHA membership)

Junior Membership: $175 (+ $10 optional MFHA membership)
Juniors are 25 years old and under. Hunt every hunt. Eligible for Qualified Hunt Horse certificate. Not eligible for Colors or Buttons.

Social Membership: $50
For our friends that do not ride, but are interested in participating in other Hunt activities and being part of the club.

Half of dues must be paid in order to begin hunting in the spring. The balance is due at the beginning of the fall informal season.  Please include full optional MFHA membership fee in your first half dues payment.

Click here for 2018 Membership Form

Click here for automated 2018 Liability Release.  No need to print – sign using SnapSign

Remember, Wentworth Hunt is an ALL Volunteer hunt. Members are expected to get involved with hunt activities and volunteer to help with our various fund-raisers, territory preparation, Hound walking, etc.  There are many different ways in which to get involved. It is truly a very rewarding part of being a hunt member, and helps you to get the most out of your membership.

Land Conservation is Vital To Foxhunting

Land conservation is a central tenant of both the MFHA and the Wentworth Hunt Club.  Through the year, we have worked closely with various conservation groups to help preserve open land for equestrian and foxhunting use.  The majority of our territories leverage conservation easements from these groups and without their work, our hunt would cease to have open land over which to follow hounds.  Conservation is vital to the future of not just Wentworth, but foxhunting in general.

We have worked with and donated to the following conservation groups:
Bear-Paw Regional Greenways
Moose Mountains Regional Greenways
Society for the Protection of NH Forests
Southeast Land Trust of NH 

Our Conservation Hunter Pace in August devotes part of the proceeds to conservation groups.  Our members have donated their time at fund-raising events, such as MMRG’s annual “Woods, Water & Wildlife Festival” and the “Explore Powder Major” community event, hosted by SPNHF, in October 2016. Hunt members helped cleanup the historic John DeMeritt cemetery and performed other trail maintenance and mowing for our conservation groups.

Additionally, we work closely with the New Hampshire Horse Council to collectively work to keep land open and be good stewards of the conservation land so equestrian use will be allowed.

How can you help?

As you look for end of year charitable contribution options, there are two active conservation efforts that need your consideration:

  • The Society for the Protection of NH Forests has successfully conserved Powder Major Farm that is part of our Tuckaway Farm and kennel territory.  They still need donations for trail upgrades and territory maintenance.
  • Southeast Land Trust is trying to protect Kennard Hill,  part of the Harvey land and less than half a mile from our Fine Nest territory.  They need to raise the final $35,000 by Dec 31.

Past Hunting Events

Junior’s / Children’s Hunt – 2017

Green Acres Stables, Madbury, NH
August 26, 2017

Thirteen junior riders joined us for Wentworth’s annual Junior’s/Children’s Hunt. It was a beautiful day to be out, jumping around Green Acres Stable’s cross country course, trotting through the woods, and following the hounds across the fields. A huge Thank You to Green Acres and Dawn Dascomb for hosting the hunt!

Children’s Hunt Info

Learn to Hunt Clinic – 2017

Saturday, May 13, 2017  11 AM2017 Hunt Clinic
Tuckaway Farm, Lee, NH

The free mounted clinic was a great success! Riders and horses with little or no hunting experience were introduced to the sport in a friendly, instructive environment that included a short lecture covering safety and etiquette followed by a group ride. The ride was divided into typical hunt fields, first flight, second flight and hilltop, during which everyone learned to ride in groups and encounter common field situations experienced during the hunt. Riders and auditors all earned a free capping certificate, enabling them to try out a full hunt for free!

Details here:  Mounted Hunt Clinic 2017

All New England Joint Meet – 2016

November 12, 2016
Myopia Hunt Club

Blessing of the Hounds – 2016

2016 Blessing KamiSaturday, October 1, 2016 at Yorkfield Farm

Wentworth Hunt Club’s formal hunting season began on October 1st with the Blessing of the Hounds. It was fast, fabulous day for hunting, and a great prelude to the rest of the fall season. Thank you to everyone who made this special day possible, especially our landowners and staff, but also everyone who braved the rain to ride or watch the excitement. A special thanks also to James D-Blues Mertz and Suddenly Still Photography for capturing some of the hunt’s special moments.

Children’s Hunt/Junior’s Day – 2016

Saturday, September 10th at Greenacres Stables Childrens Hunt 2016

Our annual Children’s Hunt was a huge success! Very special thanks to our members and staff who helped provide great sport to a field of 50 riders and 21 juniors. There were many impressive riders and first time horses out. Everyone had a great time and hopefully we introduced our lovely hounds to the next generation of foxhunters!

Photo credit to Jessica Freedman, one of our many foot followers! Thank you so much!

Annual Hunt Clinic – 2016

August 20, 2016Hunt clinic Aug 2016

Learn to Hunt Clinic 2016 Info

The Fourth Annual Hunt clinic was hosted by the Wentworth Hunt Masters and Huntsman at Tuckaway Farm in Lee, the site of our kennels. Members and guests learned about the traditions of hunting, the history of the Wentworth Hunt Club, appropriate attire for informal and formal season (did you know the sharp end of your stock tie pin should point away from your heart?), safe tack, etiquette while hunting, and the Wentworth foxhounds. Come join us when we do it again next year and earn a free capping certificate!

Spring 2016 Hunting Ends on a High NoteKami BayViewFarm 20160615

The spring season was extended through Wednesday, June 15th thanks to the generosity of hunt member Deb Beck. We hunted her property, Bayview Farm in Greenland, NH, for the first time.

Thank you, Deb, for inviting us out for a great day of hunting. The hounds enjoyed a cooling swim in Great Bay on this hot summer day!