Photo Galleries

Wentworth Hunt is very fortunate to have great photographers in the area. Here are the links to their online galleries.

Suddenly Still Photography

Jim Mertz of Suddenly Still Photography joins us several times a year to photograph our hunts. He is an amazing photographer who does not only horses, but people too! Portraits, weddings, senior pictures, etc! Find him at: or on Facebook at:

Wentworth Hunt pictures can be found on his site by clicking:
→ Galleries (on the left hand side)
  → The image for 2022 Events (or 2021, 2020, etc.)
    → The image for Wentworth Hunt

Click here for pictures from our 2022 season.
Click here for pictures from our 2021 season.
Click here for pictures from our 2020 season.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Eric Schneider

Wentworth Hunt member Eric Schneider can often be found taking pictures at our hunts. His work can be found on his website: or on his Facebook page

(Photo courtesy of WWH member Eric Schneider)

Jay Schadler

Mr. Schadler, a local artist, created a stunning panorama scene of Wentworth Hunt using photographs he took of one of our hunts in the fall of 2014. The piece is aptly called “The Hunt” and is shown below. Mr. Schadler sent our hunt this letter (click here) describing how this work came to be.

Mr. Shadler’s studio and gallery is located at 82 Fleet Street in Portsmouth, NH. His work, including “The Hunt” may be found at his gallery and on his website:

(Artwork by Jay Schadler)

Photos from Members and Guests

Photos from early 2015 hunts and events, as well as prior years, may be found on Shutterfly at:

And of course, you can find many photos and videos on our Facebook page.