New England Hunts Hound Show

2017 Hound Show Results

Sunday May 7, 2017

Thank you to Green Mountain Hounds for hosting another wonderful Hound Show. Thanks to Kami, Linda, Michelle, Jim Mertz, Rachel, Jackie, Diane, Daun, and Zachary for making the trip and all their work with the Hounds and helping to represent Wentworth. Thanks also to Ann P. for the bathing help.The Wentworth hounds had a fantastic day at the show, with lots of first place, and a few second place, ribbons from Archer, Aslan, Aiko, Apple, Vandal, Vector, Violet, Vera, Yesman, Yellowstone, and Drillbit. Wentworth Yesman earned a Reserve Best in Show! Zachary Wolk and Drillbit won the Junior Under 9 division while his mom, huntsman Kami Wolk, was second in the horn blowing contest.

Wentworth Results:2017 Hound Show

American Single Dog Entered:
1 – Wentworth Archer ’16
2 – Wentworth Aslan ’16
PMD Single Dog Unentered:
1 – Vandal
2 – Vector
PMD Single Dog Entered:
1 – Wentworth Yesman ’16
2 – Wentworth Yellowstone ’16
PMD Couple Unentered:
1 – Vector and Vandal
PMD Couple:
1 – Wentworth Yellowstone ’16 & Wentworth Yesman ’16
PMD Stallion Hound
1 – Moore County Drillbit ’14
Couple American Bitch:
1 – Wentworth Apple ’16 & Wentworth Aiko ’16
American Brood Bitch:
2 – Wentworth Vera ’13
PMD Bitch Unentered:
1 – Violet
Champion PMD:
1 – Wentworth Yesman ’16
2 – Vandal
Best in Show:
Wentworth Yesman ’16  Reserve Champion
4  - Wentworth
Horn Blowing:
2  - Kami Wolk
Junior under 9:
1 – Zachary Wolk & Wentworth Drillbit ’14

2015 Hound Show

Sunday May 3, 2015

The venue this year was the beautiful Tuckaway Farm, home to the Wentworth Hunt Kennels.  The day also included the Hound Races this year.


Part of the day’s excitement was the Tailgate Tea contest, in which each hunt to provided a Tea which was judged on the food as well as on the creativity of the presentation.


Hound Show Prize List 2015

2014 Hound Show Results

New England Hunts Hound Show 2014 – RESULTS

Hound show Kami_Dexter

Best in Show – Wentworth Audrey. Photo Courtesy of Eric Schneider.

Wentworth hosted the 82nd annual New England Hunts Hound Show at lovely Echo Ridge Farm, Lee, NH. the indoor arena was converted to a Hound Show ring at one end, with Tailgate Tea areas for each hunt and vendor booths in the rest of the arena. Hounds were comfortably housed in kennels outside the arena.

Seven hunts competed: Wentworth, Myopia, Norfolk, Green Mountain, Guilford, Old Northbridge, and North Country. Our judge was Mr. Charles Montgomery, huntsman at Bull Run in Virginia, and judging the Junior and Retired Classes was the inimitable Mr. Russell Clark, ex-MFH, Myopia Hunt.

Hounds competed in Divisions by breed — American, Penn-Mary-Del, Crossbred, and Couples, with winners in each division competing in the Championship classes. The Champions then competed for Best in Show — with Wentworth Audrey coming away with the top honor. Following the Best in Show competition, we brought the show outdoors for a wonderful Pack Class, where each hunt brought five couple of hounds to a beautiful open field, and presented them to the judge. They were judged on their obedience as a pack and how they presented themselves with their Huntsman. Spectators had a wonderful view from the fenced hillside. Norfolk won the Pack Class with retiring huntsman John Elliot, Myopia took second place with huntsman Brian Kiely, followed by Green Mountain in third, and Wentworth in fourth place.

It was great fun to see the retired hounds give up the couch life for a few hours and come out to compete in the Retired Hound Class. They placed as follows:

  • Green Mountain Duke & Elaine Ittleman
  • Flat Branch Lilac & Jean Jeffords (retired by Wentworth)
  • Myopia Sweeper & Elizabeth Cleveland (retired by Wentworth)
  • North Country William & Chelsea Monroe-Cassell

The Junior Showmanship classes were the hit of the day — three divisions competed, ages 6 and under, 7 to 11, and 12 to 18. It was fun to see the young ones getting involved with the Hounds. These classes drew the biggest group of spectators. Results are as follows:

Photos courtesy of Eric Schneider

Photos courtesy of Eric Schneider

Junior Showmanship 6-under

  1. Elise Ash (Wentworth)
  2. Taylor Ann Conley Cash (Norfolk)
  3. Charles Lonnes (North Country Hounds)
  4. Ainsley Treat (Guilford)

Junior Showmanship 7-11

  1. Katherine Whittle (Norfolk)
  2. Julie Bulkin (Norfolk)
  3. Enrique Ingram (Guilford)
  4. Wyatt Cramer (Wentworth)

Junior Showmanship 12-18

  1. Siri Warren (Wentworth)
  2. Kylie Myrdek (Wentworth)
  3. Fiona Powers Ozyurt (Norfolk)
  4. Ceilidh Scott (Norfolk)

The day ended with the traditional Horn Blowing Contest. The spectators were quite impressed with every contestant. Brian Kiely (Myopia) won the trophy, John Elliot (Norfolk huntsman) second, followed by Ted Eayer (Norfolk), and then Christian Hettinger (Old North Bridge).

Wentworth looks forward to hosting the New England Hunts Hound Show again in 2015. There was wonderful camaraderie between the New England Hunts. We had a friendly competition for the Best Tailgate Tea, and Green Mountain won this new class, bringing home a basket of donated picnic items and libations. Thank you to our sponsors! Thanks to everyone who participated, especially our Judges, volunteers, and Kelly Perkins for the use of her beautiful facility at Echo Ridge Farm.