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About Hound Shows
(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Click here to read the MFHA’s “Guide for Hound Shows, Puppy Shows & Performance Trials” [2013].
The Masters of Foxhounds Association of America’s Guide for Hound Shows tells us that the purpose of Hound Shows is to provide the opportunity to evaluate the quality of hounds, gain knowledge, and exchange ideas not only about breeding and showing hounds but also relating to many other areas that are essential to the sport of foxhunting.

A huntsman seeking to add to her kennel’s gene pool may use hound shows as a time to view and compare foxhounds, evaluating merits and traits that she might like to introduce to her pack.

Hound shows are also a social time for masters, huntsmen, hunt members, and attendees to discuss foxhounds and hunting in a relaxed and open setting.

Join Us
(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Hound shows are a wonderful and super fun experience for spectators as well as presenters. Members, volunteers, and guests are very welcome!

There are many ways to be involved in hound shows:

Help with Hound Prep: We always need help before the shows prepping our hounds. And trust us, the hounds are really wonderful! Click on the links below to learn about our hound show preps for upcoming shows:

Come as a spectator: You are very welcome to come as a spectator! Hound shows are fun! Here is your chance to celebrate hounds and huntsmen while also having the opportunity to talk hounds and hunting with fellow enthusiasts. Scroll down to see the shows our hounds will be attending.

Present a Hound: Want to present a hound? Adult and junior hunt members are encouraged to present. Our huntsman Rachel is happy to show you the ropes!

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Learn about hounds and hound shows, including travel/carpooling arrangements, dates and times of hound prep and shows, and what to expect from the different venues (shopping? reception before the show? horn blowing content?), by:

2024 Hound Shows

Our wonderful hounds will be attending three hounds shows in the spring of 2024:

2024 New England Hound Show

The New England Hound Show, hosted by the Myopia Hunt Club, was held on Sunday, May 19, in Hamilton, MA.

Wentworth Hunt hounds and staff showed their quality and style, and as usual did not disappoint! Wentworth placed second in the pack class, and several hounds won individual championships. Calleigh Robinson was named the Junior handling champion demonstrating her wonderful work with the hounds.

Thank to you everyone who volunteered to help prep the hounds for this show and to those who traveled down to support or show our wonderful hounds!

Some of the results are listed below. Full results of the 2024 New England Hound Show will be available here soon!

Penn-Marydel: Single Dog – Entered

1st: Wentworth Charleston
2nd: Wentworth Remy
3rd: Wentworth Rupert
4th: Wentworth Redford

Cross-Bred: Single Dog – Entered

1st: Wentworth Avocado
2nd: Wentworth Agave
3rd: Wentworth Captain

Spayed Single Bitch Entered – All breeds

1st: Krispy

Junior Showmanship

1st: Calleigh Robinson

Junior Showmanship 12-17 Champion Calleigh Robinson with Rupert
Congratulations to Junior Showmanship Champion Calleigh Robinson with Rupert!

2023 Hound Shows
(Photo courtesy of Karen Kandra)

Wentworth Hunt hounds, huntsman, and supporting hunt staff, members, and oh-so-wonderful volunteers attended three hounds shows in the spring of 2023:

2023 New England Hound Show
(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Click here for the results of the 2023 New England Hound Show.

The New England Hound Show was held on Saturday, May 21, at Tyrone Farm in Pomfret, CT. The New England Hound Show is is our local show, about 2 hours from our kennels in Lee, NH.

Wentworth Hunt hounds were superstars, as were their presenters, our huntsman, and of course are incredible volunteers! Wentworth results are below.

Single Dog – Entered Penn-Marydel

1st: Wentworth Redford
2nd: Wentworth Rupert
3rd: Wentworth Rocko
4th: Wentworth Remy

Single Dog – Entered Crossbred

3rd: Wentworth Agave

Single Bitch Entered – Penn-Marydel

1st: Wentworth Vera
2nd: Wentworth Ruth
3rd: Wentworth Rickie Bobbie

Couple of Bitches Entered – Penn-Marydel

1st: Wentworth Daisy & Dollop

Brood Bitch – Penn-Marydel

1st: Wentworth Vera
2nd: Andrews Bridge Romance (D)

Champion Dog or Bitch – Penn-Marydel

Champion: Wentworth Redford
Reserve: Wentworth Vera

Pack Class

1st: Rachel Duffy

Horn Blowing Contest

2nd: Rachel Duffy

Junior Handler Showmanship 12-17

2nd: Calleigh Robinson

2023 Virginia Hound Show

Click here for the results of the 2023 Virginia Hound Show.

A roadtrip of Wentworth humans and hounds made their way to the 2023 Virginia Hound Show held on Sunday, May 28, at Morven Park in Leesburg, VA.

Rumors (and some pictures on FB) suggest that the fun was not limited to the show. But hounds, presenters, and their hard working support staff (aka our wonderful volunteers) did very well when the chips were on the table, with Wentworth placing as follows:


2nd: Wentworth Ruth 2022
5th: Wentworth Rickie Bobbie


3rd Andrews Bridge Romance 2017


5th: Wentworth Rupert

Junior Handler Showmanship – 11 and Over

3rd: Calleigh Robinson

2023 Bryn Mawr Hounds Show
(Photo courtesy of Karen Kandra)

Click here for the results of the 2023 Bryn Mawr Hound Show.

The Byrn Mawr Hound Show was held on a perfect Saturday, June 3, at the Radnor Hunt Club in Malvern, PA. Wentworth Hunt had a fine showing with placings shown below.


3rd: North Country Hazzard


2nd: Wentworth Hunt

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