Hunt Seasons

Wentworth Hunt has three seasons. In 2021, our seasons are:

 Spring Roading: May 15 through June 16
Fall Informal: August 14 through September 29
Fall Formal: October 2 through November 27

During all seasons, we hunt on Wednesdays and Saturdays at various locations around the New Hampshire seacoast and southern Maine. Huntsman and hounds set off at 10:00 am. We ask all riders to be mounted and ready for the pre-hunt mounted meeting at 9:45.

Click here to see our calendar and locations. Please know that we ride in all weather. On rare occasions when we must change locations or cancel, we will post this information on the top of our home page by 7am hunt day. If you wish to be notified by phone or email directly, please contact our Hunt Secretary at

For information on joining us as a member or guest, please click here.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)

Spring Roading: May 15 – June 16, 2021

Spring Roading is first time in the year our Hunt Staff exercises our hounds from horseback. The pace is walk/trot and no lines are laid. The goal is to get hounds into hunting fitness and is particularly important for the young entry as this is usually their first exposure to horses and to areas outside the kennel grounds.

Spring Roading is a great time to introduce horses to hunting! Not sure about hunting? Join us for roading! Dress is informal (click here to learn what that means). Not sure you have the correct tack? You’d be surprised what is allowed and exceptions are made! Contack our Secretary at with any questions.

See our Calendar (click here) for roading dates and locations. Please know that our roading schedule is very fluid as territories and staff allow. We may add organized trail rides and other fun events if our hounds cannot attend some functions for any reasons.

Members and guests are welcome! Please click here for more information.

Fall Informal: Aug 14 – Sept 29, 2021

Fall Informal Season, sometimes called Cubbing Season, immediately precedes our Formal Season. Younger hounds are just starting their hunting careers, learning to follow a scent and work with the other hounds, and the veteran hounds are getting back into the swing of things.

It’s a great time to join our hunt. The dress is more relaxed and weather-dependent, from polo shirts and ratcatchers on warm mornings to vests and tweed hacking jackets on cooler days. To learn more about informal attire, click here.

Fall Formal: Oct 2 – Nov 27, 2021

Fall Formal Season marks the start of the time of year when hunting is at its peak (we are a drag hunt and do not actually hunt animals, click here to learn more). Our hounds should now be hunting well and horses are fit and ready, having been through their fall pre-season. During this season, we dress formally in respect of our beloved hounds, our hard working huntsman and staff, and our generous landowners. Click here to learn more about formal attire.

Our Fall Formal Seasons begins with the Blessing of the Hounds on Oct 2, 2021. The blessing of hunting hounds is an ancient practice that today features traditions and rituals developed over the centuries. After the hounds, horses, foxes, foxhunters, and landowners have been blessed, the hunt begins. Please join us for this celebratory day and for many of our fall hunts when riding in New England is finest!

(Photo courtesy of Jim Mertz, Suddenly Still Photography)